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Power Clamp Meter

100A AC LCD Digital Panel Power Watt Meter Monitor Voltage KWh Voltmeter Ammeter


Digital LCD Watt Meter Power Volt Amp DC RC Boat Battery Analyzer 60V 100A


AC Combo Multi Meter 6in1 250V50A Volt Amp Power Factor Energy Kwh Frequency CT


Cornwell Blue Power TRMS Deluxe Automotive Meter CBPDM25


Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter


Fork Meter for HVAC Clamp Multimeter Test Alkaline Battery Power Digital Display


Clamp Meter tester AC RMS Active Power Factor Passive Frequency Harmonic Test




Extech Power Quality Clamp Meter, 750V, 1000A - PQ2071


AEMC 407 2139.51 Power Clamp-on Meter Model 407


Clamp-On Power Quality Meter, Extech, 380940


AEMC 605 2139.60 Power Clamp-on Meter Model 605


Extech 382075 Clamp Meter Power 3-Phase Analyzer


FLIR CM83 Power Clamp Meter 600A with VFD and Bluetooth - New


EXTECH Power Quality Clamp Meter,750V,1000A, PQ2071


Clamp-On Power Meter, Amprobe, ACDC-54NAV


Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter, LCD Display, +/-3 Degrees Accuracy, 0.00...


Clamp-On Power Meter, Amprobe, ACDC-52NAV


AEMC 405 2139.50 Power Clamp-on Meter


Clamp-On Power Meter, Extech, 380976-K


Clamp-On Power Meter, Amprobe, ACD-50NAV


FLIR CM82 Power Clamp Meter 600A with VFD Filter Standard


AEMC 407 Power Clamp-on Meter (TRMS, 1000VAC/DC, 1000AAC/1500ADC, Continuity)


Extech 380940 Clamp Meters - Type: Power Clamp Meter, True RMS: Yes


FLIR 600-Amp Power Clamp Meter with VFD and Bluetooth


EICO 242 Solid State FET-TVOM meter with Wires Leads - POWERS UP


AEMC 605 Power Clamp-on Meter (TRMS, 1000VAC/DC, 2000AAC/3000ADC, Continuity)


FLIR 600-Amp Power Clamp Meter with VFD


Clamp-On Power Meter, Amprobe, ACD-51NAV


Fluke 345 Single Phase Power Quality Clamp Meter